VRE v.s. Yogurt, Complication v.s. Easy

VRE(Vancomycin Resistant enterococci) is the evil of the bacteria, because there is no antibiotics for it. And when pt has been on vancomycin for a while, the risk is very high. We usually screen it. Especially, for renal impaired pt, inflammation just doesn't do any good to them. As also, pt is usually be isolated, which makes them too special to feel normal in the group.

While, the only way to get clear of it is a kind Yogurt, which contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG) bacteria! What a surprising answer to it! Feel so amazed by the nature ^_^


WOMADelaide 08' is not just "Warm"

 WOMADelaide stands for World of Music, Arts and Dance in Adelaide, WOMAD festival. I love music, specially those are original and nature, like folk etc. So, I went there this year for the first time that I had free time to go there :) .

The gate Brainy people hiding under the shade passion people dancing under the hot sun Burned feet Shiny and Hot People  Tibet Mondala Sand Painting for KarmaNice peaceful corn from Ireland

Fire Balls