Beautiful Wenchuan before the Earthquake

These are the pictures of Wenchuan, the center of Sichuan Earthquake, taken in 2005.

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Our Love, Our Rainbow Sky

all channals have been changed, lots of entertainment places shut the doors, online game service turned off etc. in China for mourning over the victims in Sichuan earthquake for 3 days (19~21 of May, 2008).....抗震的我们


Cocoafarm——got to tell all chocolate lovers :D

"Love chocolate, especially good ones, rather spend 10 times money to buy a good piece of chocolate than a tasteless cheap one" --Yulan :P

I finally find a favorate one, Shiraz Dark Chocolate Drops, from Cocoa farm (deadly fell in love with it :P ). It is not, as you think, filled with some wine in, in stead Muscats bathed with Shiraz are enrobed in smooth silky dark chocolate, and also has fragrant Cocoa coat—hmmmmmmmm

Wine drops 

If you dont like Shiraz or Dark chocolate, you can also find Pinot Nior and milk chocolate. I am having Merlot Wine Chocolate now. This is also a gorgous one. wine cholocate
Have to buy a lot to take to my sister in Shanghai ^_^ (ahah Happy, very Happy now :D)