Semi-honeymoon in Levander cottage

Eveything we saw was so much like an oil painting which makes us so hard to come back to reality.....
Being away from TV and Internet made life so nature, we even thought it was very late when the time was only 19:45!
P.S. Strongly recommend friends to go there have a weekend there to enjoy so called life.
Location: Adelaide Hills


Lamby Blackboard

I found this lovely Lamby blackboard for my sheep mathematician Matthew, coz he loves writing equations on blackboard.

And that is a cute little lamb from Newzealand.

sheep black board sheep with matthew 2 sheep with matthew 1

P.S. Matthew wrote the chinese on the blackboard.


Beautiful Wenchuan before the Earthquake

These are the pictures of Wenchuan, the center of Sichuan Earthquake, taken in 2005.

 2 3 4


7 5


Our Love, Our Rainbow Sky

all channals have been changed, lots of entertainment places shut the doors, online game service turned off etc. in China for mourning over the victims in Sichuan earthquake for 3 days (19~21 of May, 2008).....抗震的我们


Cocoafarm——got to tell all chocolate lovers :D

"Love chocolate, especially good ones, rather spend 10 times money to buy a good piece of chocolate than a tasteless cheap one" --Yulan :P

I finally find a favorate one, Shiraz Dark Chocolate Drops, from Cocoa farm (deadly fell in love with it :P ). It is not, as you think, filled with some wine in, in stead Muscats bathed with Shiraz are enrobed in smooth silky dark chocolate, and also has fragrant Cocoa coat—hmmmmmmmm

Wine drops 

If you dont like Shiraz or Dark chocolate, you can also find Pinot Nior and milk chocolate. I am having Merlot Wine Chocolate now. This is also a gorgous one. wine cholocate
Have to buy a lot to take to my sister in Shanghai ^_^ (ahah Happy, very Happy now :D)


A visit to an owner of painting

Yulan and Nellie Partterson with her painting

She is a traditional owner of Uluru - Kata Tjuta National Park. And, these are her painting of 7-sisters story.

One of my aboriginal haemodialysis patient has a painter daughter. She sometimes brings her daughter's painting to sale for life living. One day, she brought two small paintings (we all thought those are her daughter's). When I first looked at one of the paintings, I really liked it. And, I was going to buy one directly, of course, the price was affordable. When I was going to ask her to take paintings home to ask her daughter to sign on the back for me, she told me those painting are her mothers. I then was told this patient's mother is the traditional owner of Uluru, and she is an active culture teller, always trying to tell the other societies about their aboriginal culture. So, I thought that will be good to meet this older and have a good talk about her painting.

Here I was, in the picture--I went to meet her and I got her happy face taken with me.

Although her painting is not as fancy as those in Sydney art gallery house, but I like it, especially the left one in the picture. And, thinking of their poor financial condition, I thought I might have helped a bit in some way. Of course, she tried to charge me a lot at the beginning.Well, to listen to her unique aboriginal laugh and talk is the amazing thing during the bargain.

The interesting thing is that the paintings were just being kicked around in their dirty messy house which made the painting so valueless, but when I just put against the clean wall, they are absolutely something there!


VRE v.s. Yogurt, Complication v.s. Easy

VRE(Vancomycin Resistant enterococci) is the evil of the bacteria, because there is no antibiotics for it. And when pt has been on vancomycin for a while, the risk is very high. We usually screen it. Especially, for renal impaired pt, inflammation just doesn't do any good to them. As also, pt is usually be isolated, which makes them too special to feel normal in the group.

While, the only way to get clear of it is a kind Yogurt, which contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG) bacteria! What a surprising answer to it! Feel so amazed by the nature ^_^


WOMADelaide 08' is not just "Warm"

 WOMADelaide stands for World of Music, Arts and Dance in Adelaide, WOMAD festival. I love music, specially those are original and nature, like folk etc. So, I went there this year for the first time that I had free time to go there :) .

The gate Brainy people hiding under the shade passion people dancing under the hot sun Burned feet Shiny and Hot People  Tibet Mondala Sand Painting for KarmaNice peaceful corn from Ireland

Fire Balls


Bush Walking: Black Hill

You sometimes have to spend days to make decision, while sometimes you make such a good decision without even thinking. I did last night about going out for a bush walking (American say "Hiking").

Matthew was extremely happy about my good suggestion. And, he was so excited after we found where we got to start walking.

I didn't... Matthew was teaching me how to deal with snake if we saw them, while a snake appeared in front of us---such a good lesson that made me so worried the whole trip. Although I was born in countryside, and had been played in Chinese hills or field for lots of times, I haven't really come across to a snake like that. So, I was so scared by the snakes through the whole trip.

And, I was also worried about the road while we were walking down. I didnt have any problem to climb up while Matthew was saying "dear, I think I am not fit enough to climb this...", and Matthew was keeping asking me to stop for rest. But, I had so much trouble to walk on such slippery road. I have lots experience of Chinese road, which is either made of steps by ancient people, or mud, or big rock. Not this kind of small rocky road!

What really made we too embarrassed is that we were beaten twice by an 50ish man, who told us had broken leg 4 years ago and now he does this twice a week!

Matthew Yulan

These two young are very energetic now.....

Bush road--watch snakesWatch out for snakes!

Amber tree 2 Amber=sap+million years。

a tree being formed by fire the bush fire formed the shape of this tree。

Top of Black hill View from top of black hill

Flowers on the top of the hillView of city Adelaide

4 pix of view on the top of the hill。

what a road  2 what a road  3

this road made Yulan feel so slippery and worried :(


Valentines Gift

Yulan has to work on Valentines Day this year.

We decided to have a early valentines gift swap, because we both can not wait :P


McLaren Vale Drive

McLaren Vale has lots and lost of wineries.

They are....

quiet, comfy, great view of hills and vineyard, good food etc.

Matthew and I drove to McLaren Vale for my driving experience and wedding party picking. We went to Coriole and Hoffmann. Coriole is a very popular and big winery, while Hoffmann is small. They are different.

Coriole is on top of the hill, which makes it have great view of hills. However, it doesn't have air-conditioner and only plate of cold food as shows in the pictures.

Hoffmann is in the valley, but has air-conditioner and variety of food(not available in the pictures).

Dear friends, please tell me which one is better for me to have wedding party in December (summer) in Australia.

Coriole's pix:

Coriol Winery's View 1 Coriol Winery's View 2 Coriol Winery's View 3 Coriol Winery's View 4 Coriol Winery's View 5 Coriole Winery's food 2 Matthew@CorioleYulan@Coriole

Hoffmann's Pix:

Hoffmann's Winery 1 Hoffmann's Winery 2Hoffmann's Winery 3 Hoffmann's Winery 4