Aussie likes being drunk rather than dancing.

December 8, 2007.

This is Christmas Dinner for Matthew's working place. Of course, there are some other young people.

After a long waiting dinner, we were thinking of doing something else. Some people said to go to Karaoke, which is more interesting for Matthew and I. And we know, there is a Nightclub, called Buddha Bar, has Karaoke, cocktail bar and dancing poor. So, Matthew and I suggested to go there, and it is only 3mins to walk.

Well, I knew it is a very popular place for Karaoke, so booking ahead was required. Matthew and I therefore went there to ask. 40mins to wait the earliest room. We called Alex, and told him, people can drink cocktail or dance there while waiting. However, they, over the other end of the phone, decided to go to another bar, which was fine, as long as they made decision.

We walk back to the restaurant, and walked about 15mins to the bar. I was hoping there would be dancing poor, so that I still could have fun. Oh well, it is a lounge bar, only for drinking, yes music, but no one dance!!!!!!!!!

Matthew and I decided to leave.......

Why? Just drinking and talking to each partner. I do respect people enjoy drinking cocktail, but not in those kind of music environment--dancing music? Come on!!!!!