Hunter Beppi's home

Beppi is one of my Transplant Patient, and he is, I think, the best patient I had ever had. Physically, he got up very early post-transplantation operation; mentally, he was always positive; and he always tried to do everything right that we told him. 

The chatting with him, when he was under 1:1 special post-operation period, I was his nurse, was very interesting. He told me his hunting stories, friends stories, family stories, his belief etc. All those made me feel he has so much interesting experience that I can learn, and in some way, I feel he and his family are like my family.

That's why I didn't refuse when he invited me to visit his home after his discharge.

January 27th, Sunday, Matthew and I drove my little Black Holden Brina to Beppi's farm home in Mallala -- a country little town.

Beppi's home is so outstanding, because the gate was decorated with some horns of deer, the big garden(farm) is divided into few little farm for deer, geese, sheep, pigeons, hens, rabbits, some fruit trees, and wheat. Yeah, it does make me feel like it is my parent's home where I grew up. Everything we ate that day is almost from his farm, lamp, tomatoes, beans etc. When Beppi's children and grandchildren came, they just rushed into the field to do what they like. It is such a nature life style. I strongly agree that people, specially, mid-age people who still can do physical work but not busy in job, should go back to this kind of life to enjoy the true feeling of life.

Although we, Beppi's children and grandchildren, are the first time to meet, I felt so relaxed, which is the first time since I came to Australia. In some way, Italian family--Beppi was born in Italy, is very similar to Chinese family, which makes me feel very comfortable and happy.

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