A visit to an owner of painting

Yulan and Nellie Partterson with her painting

She is a traditional owner of Uluru - Kata Tjuta National Park. And, these are her painting of 7-sisters story.

One of my aboriginal haemodialysis patient has a painter daughter. She sometimes brings her daughter's painting to sale for life living. One day, she brought two small paintings (we all thought those are her daughter's). When I first looked at one of the paintings, I really liked it. And, I was going to buy one directly, of course, the price was affordable. When I was going to ask her to take paintings home to ask her daughter to sign on the back for me, she told me those painting are her mothers. I then was told this patient's mother is the traditional owner of Uluru, and she is an active culture teller, always trying to tell the other societies about their aboriginal culture. So, I thought that will be good to meet this older and have a good talk about her painting.

Here I was, in the picture--I went to meet her and I got her happy face taken with me.

Although her painting is not as fancy as those in Sydney art gallery house, but I like it, especially the left one in the picture. And, thinking of their poor financial condition, I thought I might have helped a bit in some way. Of course, she tried to charge me a lot at the beginning.Well, to listen to her unique aboriginal laugh and talk is the amazing thing during the bargain.

The interesting thing is that the paintings were just being kicked around in their dirty messy house which made the painting so valueless, but when I just put against the clean wall, they are absolutely something there!