Simple Touch to the Complex System Conference...

5th July, 2007, I went to the conference of complex system in the Gold Coast as an "accompany person" :P.

Well, I just joined one of them about Complex system of health care system. Basically, it is of a general hospital.

It is a wonderful ideal of analyzing how the hospital runs on a macroscopic view.
I specially like the ideal of "lack teamwork kills patient", because the relationship between the doctors and the nurses in Australian is very poor. How come a good teamwork can be managed with current relationship between Drs & Ns. Well, I dont think the researchers realized this problem indeed, because they are Drs, they are up class people, while, other hospital stuff are not up....

And I like the mathematic way of explaining the issues, that is very cool-- I think that's why Matthew like maths so much. I like it too, but I can not be mathematician :P

At the conference dinner, which is my first time to dressed up very fancily for a dinner(well, this is not the important part), I saw the ordinary side of those top smart scientists in the world @_@, and even the crazy side. That was fun, although I didnt fully understand all of them. And, I feel so good, when the speaker mentioned about John Nash, a crazy mathematician.