Feeling LOST post-exam

26th September is the mid-semester examination day.

Spent 2 days to review and prepare this exam, I even forgot the mid-autumn festival and missed lots of photo calls on that day(25th September).

2hrs writing answer and thinking, I suddenly felt lost after I handed in my paper. I dont know what exactly I have lost. Just felt suddenly empty in body. I called my Matthew. He asked me how would he feel when he finished his PhD thesis. That is a very good answer.

Whatever the result is, I think, it is that I got to know and cleared lots of things in my brain is the most important, after all these days and tiredness.

I didnt feel excited until Matthew said to me "89% is High Distinction already". Because of being trained in Chinese culture, being best is such a nature expectation for me even I wasnt a good student.

Some people said to me "Dont push yourself too hard, you are working full time! And, whatever score you get, you just a nurse. Who cares!" Well, that is the truth. But I still believe, since I am doing it and I am enjoying it. Why not make everything as clear as possible, maybe as good as possible. If I dont try 100% hard, I wont get 80% good.

I should still hold on the passion of studying until I totally lose my ability to think. And, a nurse is a kind of professional, not a servant of some people. If we dont treat ourself as a professional, who will?!

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