Bush Walking: Black Hill

You sometimes have to spend days to make decision, while sometimes you make such a good decision without even thinking. I did last night about going out for a bush walking (American say "Hiking").

Matthew was extremely happy about my good suggestion. And, he was so excited after we found where we got to start walking.

I didn't... Matthew was teaching me how to deal with snake if we saw them, while a snake appeared in front of us---such a good lesson that made me so worried the whole trip. Although I was born in countryside, and had been played in Chinese hills or field for lots of times, I haven't really come across to a snake like that. So, I was so scared by the snakes through the whole trip.

And, I was also worried about the road while we were walking down. I didnt have any problem to climb up while Matthew was saying "dear, I think I am not fit enough to climb this...", and Matthew was keeping asking me to stop for rest. But, I had so much trouble to walk on such slippery road. I have lots experience of Chinese road, which is either made of steps by ancient people, or mud, or big rock. Not this kind of small rocky road!

What really made we too embarrassed is that we were beaten twice by an 50ish man, who told us had broken leg 4 years ago and now he does this twice a week!

Matthew Yulan

These two young are very energetic now.....

Bush road--watch snakesWatch out for snakes!

Amber tree 2 Amber=sap+million years。

a tree being formed by fire the bush fire formed the shape of this tree。

Top of Black hill View from top of black hill

Flowers on the top of the hillView of city Adelaide

4 pix of view on the top of the hill。

what a road  2 what a road  3

this road made Yulan feel so slippery and worried :(