McLaren Vale Drive

McLaren Vale has lots and lost of wineries.

They are....

quiet, comfy, great view of hills and vineyard, good food etc.

Matthew and I drove to McLaren Vale for my driving experience and wedding party picking. We went to Coriole and Hoffmann. Coriole is a very popular and big winery, while Hoffmann is small. They are different.

Coriole is on top of the hill, which makes it have great view of hills. However, it doesn't have air-conditioner and only plate of cold food as shows in the pictures.

Hoffmann is in the valley, but has air-conditioner and variety of food(not available in the pictures).

Dear friends, please tell me which one is better for me to have wedding party in December (summer) in Australia.

Coriole's pix:

Coriol Winery's View 1 Coriol Winery's View 2 Coriol Winery's View 3 Coriol Winery's View 4 Coriol Winery's View 5 Coriole Winery's food 2 Matthew@CorioleYulan@Coriole

Hoffmann's Pix:

Hoffmann's Winery 1 Hoffmann's Winery 2Hoffmann's Winery 3 Hoffmann's Winery 4